What if Fiction Books Stories are True?

Best-selling author Joanne K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series have a rather lasting impact to me. Having read some of the internationally renowned novels and watched its film adaptation, I can totally imagine a world where everything can be fixed with just an immediate swish and flick of a wand. A lot of what-if’s filled in my mind. What if everything in the series is true? I would definitely book a one-way ticket to Hogwarts at this very moment.


In the series, specifically the first few scenes of the Philosopher’s stone, Hermione mended Harry’s broken glasses, uttering the spell “Oculus Reparo.” In just a flick of a wand, the glasses are good as new. Having seen this part like a million times, it occurred to me that we are so close to this kind of world. Except that we are not using wands and magic spells, but with technology.


With the recent advancement of technology, we can now easily fix almost everything. From our very own bodies to the material things. Even a scraped musical instrument can now be restored anew at musicians friend scratch and dent. Truly, we are so close to achieving perfection in the Muggle world. Now, let me end this with a question: do witches and wizards also want to dwell in the Muggle realm as much as we want to live in the wizarding world?

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