Video Recording Manual

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you knew every single thing online. This is what I want to rant to every time my friends have had something lost and it is me they always asked if this and that is available online. But because they all are my friends, I still do help them. But I do rant, teasingly, to them sometimes.

The latest stuff they’d ask me about was if a video recording manual is just made available in online shops for them to have.

Video Recording Manual

What actually happened was that while my friend was ecstatic enough to show her new video recording gadget and shared her new discoveries of her gadget, while doing such, I asked her where was her video recording manual so for me to use it as a reference while I’m working and found the exciting q3hd zoom something to play at. But sad to know, she left it anywhere and after not more than 30 minutes of going here and there in her room, checking out from her shelves and on her cabinets, we found nothing. Thence, she decided to better just look for an ebook of such manual online or perhaps, buy a copy of the video recording manual then online.

But by far, we enjoyed exploring the gadget without the manual itself. I am just ain’t sure if she still want a hard copy of the manual then.

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