Top Five Animal Books

Having recently discussed favorite animal films, a poll of friends and family has rated the following as their top five dog and cat books.

Marley and Me

A beautifully written biographical book documenting the life of John Grogan, his Labrador Marley and their family.

This book is laugh out loud funny and has been known to make people cry in public with some of it’s more touching scenes.  This book will resonate with anyone who has ever had a dog from a puppy and the trials and tribulations that come with them.  From Marley eating his doggie snacks to dragging a table along the beach front, this book is a great read.  It has been made into a hit film as well but read the book first as it contains a few extra treats.

101 Dalmatians

A classic tale from our childhood of two Dalmatian dogs Pongo and Perditawho have a litter of 15 puppies.  The puppies are wanted for their coats by the wicked Cruella De Vil.  Another great book that has been made into a couple of great films but it is still worth snuggling up with your child and the hardbook and trying to name all the puppies!


Whilst technically a comic, you can buy books full of Jim Davis famous Garfield adventures.  A typical ginger cat – fat and lazy – the books are full of hilarious stories and are well animated.  This is a favorite dip in and dip out of book.


Another comic strip packed into a book, Charles M Schulz’s doggy creation Snoopy is a much loved comic strip dog.  Read about his efforts to be a novelist, flying his planes and his relationship with Charlie Brown, Peanuts has to be one of the all time greatest comics and Snoopy a most loved character.


Cujo by Stephen King is not the same cheery sort of book as the ones above but it is still a favourite dog novel.  Cujo may well be in some serious need of Zylkene pills as well as Rabies medication but even though we don’t love the dog we do love the book.


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