The Vintage Home by Judith Wilson

The book The Vintage Home: Clever Finds and Faded Treasures for Today’s Chic Living by Judith Wilson convinces me to have my future home to be vintage-inspired living through its designs and themes.

The books shares how to make the house a very classy and unique one but with the taste of vintage styles. Many thought that vintage designs for home are very expensive. Yes, that is true but with the help of this book, one can find ways of cheap and affordable vintage home and living.

I am thinking now how to transform vonage phone in the living room a vintage-styled one. Can you suggest how to?

Anyway, here’s the complete description of the book.

The shabby-chic, Bohemian look known as vintage has both charm and plenty of practicality. It is the perfect alternative for modern white interiors, ideal for family living—as extra scuffs won’t ruin the look—and low maintenance as well as relatively inexpensive. For home designers looking to develop a new style from old looks, this essential resource provides information on how to shop and search creatively as well as how to identify and avoid fakes. Tips are also included on mixing various vintage objects creatively in order to create welcoming and eclectic interiors in any room.

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