The e-book commute

Not too long ago, I considered quitting my job. As much as I enjoy working there, I really couldn’t bear the commute. Being trapped in a stuffy carriage, listening to someone else’s telephone conversation and being held 100 meters before the station platform on a “signal failure” is not something I wanted to experience every day until I die or retire. I recently “upgraded” to the new iPad for work purposes and was in the process of uploading new music when I discovered something that has actually become my primary use for the tablet – the selection of eBooks for iPad.

My commute into work has been improved 100 fold. As much as it sounds cliché, a book really can transport you away from reality and into the world of the story. What’s funny is that I never considered reading a book on the train, as I never liked the idea of carrying a book around London. As silly as it sounds, I wouldn’t want to let go of the railing to turn the page. Now I don’t have that problem.

I have just got stuck into theAbraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter ebook. It’s a brilliant read, which basically tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life through his secret diaries being a vampire hunter. The fiction cleverly coincides with real dates and occurrences of his life and presidency.

I found myself getting more and more absorbed into the book, flicking each page with a simple brush across the screen. I even found myself using the iPad to check the dates and accuracy of the diaries (excluding the vampire parts) to the point where I was nearly missing each one of my stops.

I was chuffed to hear that a film adaptation of this story was to be released in December this year by none other than Director Tim Burton. Having seen the trailer, I am confident that this vampire book-to-film adaptation won’t cater solely to teenage girls like recent “mainstream” efforts. It looks to be exciting and visually gratifying.

It was, in fact, Tim Burton’s adaptation of a literary classic that made me download the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ebook. This time, I get to read the book before watching the film!

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