The Confident Equestrian by Cathy Rivers

In as much as I wanted to become an equestrian and loved to imagine myself wearing breeches, I guess, the horses, their-selves do not like me since then. I still remember during my younger days when I and grandfather used to horseback ride in the province and every time I get near to the horse, it almost always move far away from me. Perhaps the reason why I didn’t feel like engaging myself to such sports. And it’s just suffice to say that I was envious, since then, to lady equestrian and until now questioning how they became confident enough to be with horses.

The book entitled The Confident Equestrian by Cathy Rivers, accordingly, would surely answer my curiosity.

The Confident Equestrian by Cathy RiversThe Confident Equestrian by Cathy Rivers (image from

However, for reasons too obvious to tell, I have no more extra time to read such book anymore. Or maybe, I just have to admit myself that being an equestrian would remain a wish for me that would never come true.

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