Sweet Sanctuary: A novel review

DSC06919 This novel gave me goose bumps from the last few chapters to the end.

I was inspired by the main character Wren on how she keep her unrelenting faith and control of herself especially during tough times and agitating moments.

She is not just struggling from parenting challenges but also in conflict with siblings that she’s been trying to escape the painful memories for many years.

Nevertheless, her love and strong spirituality protected her from all and made her achieved the solutions to her trials and worries and. Hearts healed and in the end, she also found a new love. Sometimes, God messes up everything on your life but He has plans.


Few Wren prayers I want to always remember.

Please, God, help me time just right and not mess it up by being hasty and impatient like I usually am.”

God, thank you for this moment, here at the beach with this gift of family that I’d given up on. Thank you for never leaving me as I so often leave you.”

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