Sieving and Sieve Analysis

It’s no way for me to become a civil engineer since then. I hate numbers, I hate the math. That is one reason why my only dream before was to become a teacher, a biology teacher. But ending now, I am in medical school taking medical degree after completing my bachelor’s degree in biology. Not my teaching desire though, but at least, my love of biology is not too far behind.

So you might be wondering why I mention civil engineering. This is because I’ve thought how critical they do sieve analysis and other sieving procedures in performing their jobs. These were just popped out in my mind lately after our family getaway in one of the beaches near the Pacific ocean where white sands are very conducive for an overnight stay plus the clear blue waters of the ocean.

Sieve analysis is a procedure in particle size gradation of soil, sands, rocks, clays and more. It is also called gradation test. This test is usually performed by civil engineers in preparation for the manufacturing of asphalts, concretes and other building materials.

Sieving is done in many forms such as horizontal, tapping, sonic and throw-action methods.

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