Electronic Dance Music Appreciation

I am no fan of electronic dance music. I mean, who would dare listen to boring popular music with repetitive beats and synthesized backing tracks resonating from manhandled DJ controllers and interfaces? It just bangs into your eardrums and causes you a headache with those amplified meaningless beats and lack of words. Just the usual “tugs tugs tugs.” Sure it can be sort of catchy but it really does not appeal to me whatsoever.


Apparently, there are some who massively indulge in this kind of music. These people are those who are into late-night college raves– the ones who would dance wildly to the beat of EDM’s with a vodka clutched in hand. And of course, tormented the day after with a two-day long hangover. Which reminds me of a fictional character in Rainbow Rowell’s book called “Fangirl.” Her name is Reagan, she possesses a secondary role as the cynical roommate of Cath, the main character.


Reagan is a mixture of edge and sarcasm. As I have said earlier, she likes to party. Reagan reminds me that there is so much more to life, and that, young as we are, we should look forward to more adventures before our time runs out. She also changed my rather negative perception of EDM’s as well. Maybe, the music produced by various controllers and interfaces (which you can purchase at http://www.guitarcenter.com/DJ-Controllers-Interfaces.gc are still considered as art. Many just fail to appreciate it.

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