How To Play The Guitar: Guides and Techniques

My sister has been wanting to own a guitar, any guitar that she could have so for her to play and have more practice then. However, because of her tight budget, as of the moment, she just used to borrow from her friends. And as usual to every beginners and trying hard learners to master how to play the guitar, my sister sported for guides and techniques from online pubs. She downloaded a number of books and printed them all.

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My sister also fetched some ideas to make her guitar practice better. I suggested to have herself the professional guitar like the oscar schmidt guitar instead of having the beginners one. This idea actually I learned when I was still a newbee in photography. Most of my mentors advised us to better have the pro gadgets because sooner or later when we happened to become a pro, at least the gadget we have is pro-ready and it’s more wiser when it comes to the finances.

So, now I insisted to her to have the pro-guitars then continue sporting for guides and techniques in playing the guitar.

Best Bad Credit Management Book

Having a bad credit seemed rampant these days as many has been mismanaging their accounts. Should I say, it is not really being missed managed but rather overlooked on how their accounts went through and that they were not able to track how things gone which supposedly have to run smoothly. But unfortunately, things ending in a much more unexpected — having a bad credit rather.

Best Bad Credit Management Book

How do we usually get a bad credit?

Bad credits usually are a result of over usage of credit cards. This is just one of the many instances. More often than not, the monthly credit limits are over powered by the usage and that, the creditor is having a hard time already coping up to pay for the credits. Sometimes, these credit limits usually pile up every month as another monthly usage adds to the previous month’s usage plus the monthly credit interest which usually range from 3% to 10% depending on the credit card provider.

Aside from having a credit card, what makes one to have a bad credit is the over application of cash loans be it for a house and lot, car, or any other available cash loans. Many are getting overwhelmed with the advertisements offered by cash loans providers as they are easily being persuaded and without any further thoughts, they apply for such. And the most common result, is having an almost nothing to receive every month from the monthly compensation because almost but not all of the salaries are taken by as payments to the loaned cash.

But of course, in every problems, there are much more solutions that are just waiting to tap. In this case, in bad credit ideas, one can look for a financial advisor to help you manage your bad credit. In fact, one can have it just online. The credit advisors can even attend to your needs during office hours and they can be reached thru emails or calls. Another option to take, is to get a copy of the best bad credit management book and use it as a reference to self-study the how to overcome bad credits.

However, if things gotten worse and you still need cash, but still having a bad credit, do not worry much because for sure, you still can apply despite having a bad credits of existing loans. There are many banks or even just financial companies that still offer loans for bad credit individuals. One can have them online or directly visit their offices and ask for pieces of advises to accommodate your cash or financial needs.

Moreover, the very solution for every cash credits is not to apply for a new cash loans. In this case, one can end up a piled credits. But rather to discipline oneself and do proper planning of every centavo of money on hand.

The Philippine Literary Festival 2015

This year is the second Philippine Literary Festival in the country which is brought to us by Raffles Makati and National Book Store. The said event will be held on August 28-30, 2015.

The Philippine Literary Festival 2015

There are several events that every bookworms, book lover, wide-readers, and what else you call them, should be excited for. Such of these events include storytelling, book signings and panel discussions. All these will be done in three days.

And the most interesting part of this is the registration which is absolutely FREE!

So guys, please be there to register yourself at 9:00 o’clock in the morning onward everyday.

Aside from international writers, we should not forget our very own Filipino writers who will be celebrating with us on this big event. Here are the following:

  • Krip Yuson, Butch Dalisay, Marivi Soliven, and Cristina Hidalgo appearing in one — one! — event on Aug 29 at 3:30pm.
  • Rob Cham reading komiks with Josel Nicolas on Aug 30 at 3:30pm.
  • Antoinette Jadaone speaking and then the film screening of That Thing Called Tadhana on Aug 29 at 9:30am.
  • Danton Remoto, Art Sta. Ana and j. Neil Garcia speaking on Gayness and Happiness on Aug 28 at 3:30pm
  • Lualhati Bautista, whose event on Aug 30 at 10am is still up for confirmation. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for that.
  • Marivi Soliven’s talk and book signing on Aug 28 at 5:30pm.
  • Ambeth Ocampo’s talk and book signing on Aug 28 at 1:30pm.

By the way guys, please be reminded that only those books purchased at National Book Store can be signed. See you there!

Happy Teachers’ Day 2014

There’s something to celebrate today. It’s the World’s Teachers’ Day! Not just the ordinary one, but something to take a pause in our busy lives and make even a simple hugs and kisses to our dearest teachers who are always there to teach us.

Teachers' Day 2014

To all Teachers out there, especially to my mom, happy teachers’ day to you all. More power and God bless to you all always!

The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant

Ukulele is not my thing nor any other stringed instruments. In fact, in an ordinary guitar, I only knew two notes but never even mastered those — the ‘A’ and ‘D’ notes.

Ukulele is far different from an ordinary guitars according to music enthusiasts but I can’t find the differences other than its size. But well, I am not the one inclined to it, so I won’t argue more. I don’t even have any one instrument then.


Moreover, if you wanna learn about playing ukulele, of course, you need to have one — for you to live with with it everyday, like the kala ukulele from guitar center. And the book, The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant would be one material for every ukulele newbie  to use in learning and loving the instrument more.